Popular Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Women In Their 30s

You’ve been shaving your legs, underarms and bikini line for years now. You have endured the cuts and nicks, razor burn, stubble and the assorted sub-par supply of hair removal creams. It’s time to consider the smooth, lasting effects of laser hair removal from Spa Nala!

Which Laser Hair Removal Treatment Is Right For You?

Hair grows almost everywhere on the human body. Where should you start? Let’s take a look at some of the more popular and economical laser hair removal treatments for women in their 30s.

Bikini Line & Brazilian

Exposed hair on women – except for head, eyebrows and eyelashes – is often frowned upon by society. While the bikini line, the area 1″ inside the underwear line and 2″ outside, is popular we recommend a Brazilian.

The Brazilian is often misrepresented. Many think you have to remove every ounce of hair, but you don’t. It simply means that we start at the top of your pubic area and remove as much hair as you want, proceeding all the way around to your bum.

Laser hair removal in the this area is relatively painless and can eliminate uncomfortable ingrown hairs from razor shaving.


When a razor is used for removal of underarm hair, it often appears to grow back thicker than before. This stubble can be uncomfortable as it grows back. Depending on the rate of growth, an underarm could begin to grow stubble just hours after shaving. With laser hair removal you’ll see a reduction in hair growth for 4-6 weeks. For additional information head to our laser hair removal FAQ page.

Upper Lip

Though facial hair is extremely common in most women, it is most often unwanted. Because our Cutera excel HR™ laser works best on dark hair and light skin, be sure to schedule a consultation or contact us for more information first.

Choose Spa Nala

If you’re not sure where to start, try visiting our laser hair removal FAQ page. Before, during and after your treatment, our certified laser technician will be happy to answer any questions you have.

When you’re ready to check out Spa Nala in Sartell, give us a call, drop an email or stop on in! The evolution of your skin starts at Spa Nala.