4 Key Things To Look For In A Medical Spa (MedSpa)

You deserve to treat yourself. And what better place to do it than at a medspa? A medspa (short for medical spa) is a combination of the relaxation of a spa experience with the expertise found at a doctor’s office.

A medical spa is a place where you can get results oriented, corrective medical skin care products and procedures for treating fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (sun spots), skin laxity and other unwanted consequences of aging skin. You can also receive laser hair removal treatments, body contouring, facials, chemical peels, massages, a spray tan and more.

When you’re comparing different medical spas in the area, be sure to look for the following things on their websites or by calling or visiting.

1. Is Staff Licensed Or Certified?

It’s important to make sure the staff members who will be working on you are qualified to do so. By checking their website, you can see at least whether staff claim to have certifications, and can investigate deeper from there if you choose to.

At Spa Nala, our staff members include a medical doctor, certified laser technician, licensed esthetician, licensed cosmetologist and licensed practical nurse/certified botox injectionist, among others.

2. Is The Staff Answering All Of Your Questions?

When you call or visit, do you feel rushed through your interaction? Be sure the staff takes time to answer any and all questions you have about the procedures you’re looking for and makes you completely comfortable with what they plan for your health, cosmetic and relaxation procedures.

3. Does It Feel Warm & Friendly?

When you enter the building (or visit their website) does it feel like a friendly place? A truly mindful medical spa will choose designs even on their website which put you at ease about their personality and practice.

4. What Brand Of Equipment Do They Use?

It’s important as well to know the brand of equipment the medspa uses. You may have a preference for a certain brand, or may have heard something from friends or family that may sway you to prefer certain equipment.

At Spa Nala, we do extensive research to find the best equipment to give you the best results with minimal pain and recovery time. To that end, we’ve devoted ourselves to Cutera™ brand equipment for laser hair removal, the BodyFX™ brand for skin contouring and Laser360™ for skin rejuvenation procedures!

When you’re ready to check out Spa Nala in Sartell, give us a call, drop an email or stop on in!