Reduce the signs of rosacea, sun spots, birthmarks and port wine stains with our popular Photofacial treatment! This aesthetic treatment uses low-energy broadband light to treat signs of aging and other unwanted pigmentation.

At Spa Nala, we use Photofacial on many patients to make their skin smoother and richer, so contact us to learn more or to book an appointment today!

How Does It Work?

Photofacial uses AFT, or Advanced Fluorescence Technology, with IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, which helps to reduce the discoloration associated with unwanted pigmentation. This treatment uses low-energy, short-wavelength broadband light to create a safer, more effective treatment than other light therapy.

Photofacial is attracted to the red and brown pigments in skin and is absorbed by target areas without damaging other areas of the skin. No numbing agents are needed.


This skin treatment can be done is as little as 30 minutes.


This treatment has minimal downtime, but you may experience slight redness for a short time afterwards.

What Can Photofacial Do For Me?

As you age, brown spots, broken capillaries and other signs will begin to appear on and in your skin. Other issues, such as rosacea, sun spots, birthmarks, port wine stains, wrinkles and other unwanted pigmentation are also a nuisance. All of these issues and more can be treated with Photofacial!

Turn back the clock and create a more youthful appearance by using Photofacial, a relatively low-energy, short-pulse broadband light which gently heats and eliminates the issues above, replacing those areas with newer, younger looking skin.

Photofacial By Spa Nala

Spa Nala is your local Photofacial expert! We have licensed and certified technicians, specially trained to work with these lasers. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact Spa Nala!